Orbis Diagnostics partners with Air New Zealand to test staff's COVID-19 immunity levels

26 October 2021

Orbis Diagnostics has partnered with Air New Zealand in a trial to test a group of their frontline staff for their COVID-19 immunity levels.

This is a vital step in the development and commercialisation pathway for the Orbis Arca, an automated immunity testing platform designed to accurately measure immunity to Covid-19 within 15 minutes at high-volume, point of need locations such as airports, pharmacies, and workplaces.

The results obtained from the trial will be used to further validate the use of Orbis' rapid quantitative immunity testing alongside other testing technologies in a risk-based framework that facilitates the re-opening of borders and supports vaccination programmes. Because it is quick and designed for point of need sites like the clinic and the airport, the Orbis Arca will be a key tool to help New Zealanders and other countries reconnect with the world.

Air New Zealand Chief Medical Officer Dr Ben Johnston provided comment: "Air New Zealand was thrilled to be part of the trial to verify Orbis' immunity testing technology. We know that when borders reopen, measures like immunity testing may compliment the high vaccination rates required to keep communities safe."

The full press release is available below:

Read the Press Release (PDF)