High-quality diagnostics, made simple and accessible wherever and whenever needed.


The Orbis Arca

An automated lab-in-a-box, providing rapid and reliable results to inform time-critical health management at the point of need.

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Lab Quality

accurate, quantitative results

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up to 8 samples at once

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results reported in 15 mins

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load sample and walk away

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for deployment at wherever needed

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finger-prick blood sample


Our game-changing diagnostic platform is specifically designed for use in high-volume, non-laboratory environments.

See our prototype in action

How does it work?

“We have essentially taken all the components of a laboratory, shrunk them, and put them in a microchip.”

– Dr Matheus Vargas, CTO 

Orbis’ proprietary microfluidic disks contain all the reagents required to miniaturise an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), the gold-standard serology test used in laboratories worldwide. The platform controls the flow of fluid through the disks and analyses the output using an automated optical read-out system. This achieves the speed and portability of a rapid strip test with the accuracy and robust repeatability of an ELISA.