Our Test Platform Technology

Why rapid diagnostics?

Rapid diagnostics test are medical diagnostic tests that are quick and easy to perform with results typically provided in a short time period. Rapid diagnostics devices enable results to be provided at the point of care, eliminating the need for a sample to be sent to a laboratory for testing. This can lead to treatment being provided soon after a test is taken, improving the medical care workflow.

What is antibody testing?

Antibodies are proteins produced in response to foreign particles, or antigens, in a body. An antibody test measures the presence of specific antibodies in a blood sample that can be present from previous antigen responses and vaccination.

What’s the difference between antigen testing and antibody testing?

Antigen testing ascertains active infection by determining the presence of antigens, the foreign particles which prompt immune response. Antibody testing determines one’s immune response to a virus or vaccination by measuring the presence of antibodies used by the immune system to fight antigens.

What makes Orbis’ technology unique?

Orbis has successfully taken all the components of a medical serology lab and developed point of care technology that produces highly accurate quantitative immunoassay diagnostic results from a finger-prick of blood. Orbis has also created a way that allows various assay types to be run together, improving the versatility of the testing platform. This enables routine blood testing to be more accessible and convenient than ever before, without compromising on lab-accuracy.

Where did Orbis start out?

Orbis was initially created to measure protein and fat content of cow milk. During the COVID-19 pandemic Orbis adapted its technology to create a rapid antibody test for COVID-19 so an individual could establish their immunity level to the virus with a single drop of blood. Since this point, Orbis has been working on creating various other rapid diagnostics tests with the ultimate goal to transform point of care healthcare.