High-quality diagnostics, made simple and accessible wherever and whenever needed.

The Orbis Arca

An automated central laboratory, providing rapid and reliable results to inform actionable insights at the point of need.
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The Orbis Arca is specifically designed for use in high-volume, non-laboratory environments.

Lab-quality – accurate, quantitative results

Scalable – up to 15 samples at once

Fast – results and reporting in 15 mins

Automated – load sample and walk away

On the spot – deployable wherever needed

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“We have essentially taken all the components of a laboratory, shrunk them, and put them in a microchip.” ~ DR MATHEUS VARGAS, CTO

Orbis’ proprietary microfluidic disks contain all the reagents required to miniaturise an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), the gold-standard serology test used in laboratories worldwide. The Arca controls the flow of fluid through the disks and analyses the output using an automated optical read-out system. This achieves the speed and portability of a rapid strip test with the accuracy and robust repeatability of an ELISA.

Product Portfolio

  The QIC Test – Quantitative Immunity for COVID-19

A quick antibody measurement to assess an individual’s immune response to past SARS-CoV-2 infection or a COVID-19 vaccine.

Target: anti-spike (RBD) IgG

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