Orbis is adapting its existing diagnostic platform – developed for rapid, precise and cost-effective measurement of important analytes at scale, for quantitative detection of antibodies against COVID-19, to inform immunity status. The system is designed to allow simultaneous quantitative testing for large groups of people in a time-sensitive manner at points-of-need in each community setting. The Orbis approach brings the gold standard of medical laboratory ELISA testing to points-of-need in the community via a lab-on-a-disk.

The system will be able to screen up to 30 individuals simultaneously, in a test that takes 5-15 minutes to perform, with high sensitivity at points-of-need to identify those with effective immunity through detection of COVID-19 antibodies.

Orbis believes its technology will allow deployment at points-of-need outside of medical centres, enabling widespread testing for immunity at travel hubs (e.g., airports) and entry into key facilities (e.g., hospitals, aged-care facilities), and facilitating back-to-work immunity screenings at community clinics and on-location at large employers.

The Orbis system will provide automation and speed at a low fixed and variable cost, thereby enabling testing at scale for COVID-19 antibodies from a fingerprick of blood, with minimal user intervention. By making medical laboratory precision testing widely and cost-effectively available, Orbis intends to enable population-level access to COVID-19 immunity screening.