High-quality diagnostics, made simple and accessible wherever and whenever needed.

Our game-changing diagnostic platform is specifically designed for use in high-volume, non-laboratory environments.

Lab-quality – accurate, quantitative results

High throughput – up to 15 samples at once

Fast – results and reporting in 15 mins

Easy to use – load sample and walk away

Point of need – deployable at airports

Quantitative Immunity Testing

High concentrations of neutralising antibodies are a hallmark of immunity: an individual’s ability rapidly respond to a virus and prevent infection. Quantitative immunity testing is key to confidently verifying whether a person is incapable of carrying or spreading a virus.

Our diagnostic platform has been adapted as a Quantitative Immunity Test to accurately identify those immune to COVID-19. From a finger-prick of blood, the test accurately measures levels of neutralising antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Deployed at airports, borders, and key facilities around the world, the test is a critical tool to safely reopening borders, keeping communities safe, and verifying that a COVID-19 vaccine has worked.

Pre and post-flight immunity screening at the airport
Companion Diagnostic to COVID-19 Vaccines
Occupational testing allowing return to work
Entrance tests at hospital wards and aged care facilities