Orbis Diagnostics has developed a game-changing diagnostic platform which makes complex medical testing simple and accessible at the point of use. This enables the delivery of high-quality diagnostics, specifically designed for use in high-volume, non-laboratory environments.

Orbis’ Quantitative Immunity Test (QIT) adapts this platform to accurately identify those immune to COVID-19. Up to 30 people can be simultaneously and quantitatively tested for COVID-19 antibodies, using a micro-drop of blood obtained through a fingerprick at various points-of-need. The system returns results in less than 15 minutes and will provide automation and speed at a low fixed and variable cost, enabling population-level access to immunity screening. Points-of-need include airports, to safely re-open borders without quarantine, and and key facilities (e.g., hospitals, aged-care facilities) to enable return-to-work with minimum risk to the vulnerable.

When vaccines roll out in the coming year, Orbis’ QIT will be ready as companion diagnostic, to:

  • Verify the vaccinated as immune
  • Monitor duration of immunity post-vaccination
  • Identify and prioritise those in need of booster shots or alternatives
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Pre and post-flight airport screening to allow borders to re-open & revitalise economies.

Companion diagnostic to vaccines: verify, monitor & triage

Entrance testing at age cared facilities: ensuring our elderly are safe.

Safe back-to-work testing at community clinics & large employers e.g. doctors entering a hospital