Orbis Diagnostics is developing a testing platform to enable free movement in a pandemic by identifying individuals whose immune status should allow them to move safely in society without risk to themselves or others; and by informing hope-for future widespread vaccinations.

Orbis is adapting its existing ‘cartridge-based’ diagnostic platform to provide accurate and cost-effective point-of-need screening to identify those who are COVID-Immune.

Orbis technology will enable simultaneous and quantitative screening of up to 30 people in less than 15 minutes using a micro-drop of blood obtained through a fingerprick at various points-of-need.

Painless pre and post-flight airport screening to allow borders to re-open and revitalise economies.

Testing at community clinics and on-location at large employers to enable safe back-to-work testing e.g. doctors entering a hospital.

Entrance testing at age cared facilities, to reduce the risk of outbreak and ensure our elderly are safe.

Orbis Diagnostics technology could be deployed at points of need in mass community-based vaccinations to determine:

  • Who is naive to prioritise the provision of future vaccinations; and

  • Monitor immunity developed post vaccination, to identify those requiring booster shots, or alternative vaccines.